Thursday, March 3, 2011

So proud...

Proud momma today, Killian came home with all sorts of cool things.  First he had a certificate for participating in Young Authors.  This is so special to me because participating in that program was one of my most clear memories from elementary school, I loved it.  My mom recently brought in a couple of my entry books from when I was at Hudson, what a cool thing to share with the boys, thank goodness their NyNy is a pack rat:)
The next things he had came from Chess Club; he won these things and he asked me to take this picture so you know that he was excited!!! (and yes, he is in his pjs in this picture, this is  NOT what he wore to school today!)  I will be the first to admit that I was very hesitant when he came home from school talking about joining Chess Club, but then thought, hey I am a teacher, I know that kids who are involved are the good kids, the more a child is at school and involved in school activities the better it is.  So off we went to the chess club meeting where they started explaining it to us, man that was intense!!!  Well that was back in September and now here we are in March, Killian went to Chess every Thursday after school and really liked it and learned a lot, as a kindergartner you learn the basics, naming the pieces, setting up the board, how the pieces can/can't move, the rules, basic game concept and what to say during a game.  (This is the lesson that made me smile the most, he told me it is appropriate to say "Good Job" "Nice Game" "Thank you.")  So now, as a 6 year-old my child knows WAY more about chess than I do.  He only participated in one tournament (which again I am totally fine with because did you know you have to pay to enter EVERY tournament!!!) he said it was about making friends and learning to play, oh and he realized that some of these other kids are like little chess wizards.  In the end, he did win a few games, got a t-shirt, participated in his first school club and if you asked him the best part was that he had pizza today!

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