Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tooth Count

Another guilt for the first born, Killian's lost tooth count is 2 as of yesterday...  I am remembering being so excited when he would get a tooth (which came in late and it feels like he is losing them early....)  Yet with Cohen, I barely remember him getting teeth, isn't that terrible???
The cute part of this (not the guilty part) is that he lost the tooth after school on the blacktop and couldn't find it to bring it home to leave under his pillow.  He wrote the toothfairy a letter that he left instead of a tooth, good news it worked!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa Visit

We went to the mall to visit Santa today... Everyone did well considering....

Boo sickness....

Well, you may have noticed a short absence... things have been beyond hectic here.  First there was work drama, not going to share, just going to say if you are not in "the business" for the kids, then get the H out!!!  Then there was a visit to prompt care with both boys, Killian had sinus infection and bronchitis, Cohen had an ear infection and pneumonia... that was fun.  After that we return home to really hot water, which ended up being a flooded basement and broken hot water heater, oh yeah that day was great!!!
Just when we thought things were looking up we sent Killian to school for his "feast" which is all he has talked about literally for two weeks and how he gets to be a "Canadian-American" so he goes to school only to have Mrs. Marcum (the school nurse) call me and ask me to talk to him about his tummy issues.  He then begs me to not pick him up right away because the feast was about to begin, I have never felt so heartbroken for him... it was SO SAD.  But, I bundled Cohen (still home sick) up and go retrieve Killian. He had picked up the noravirus that has been going around Unit 5.  That was wonderful with projectile vomiting and diarrhea, within 12 hours I had it and then 24 hours after that Cohen had it.  We were healthy enough to go have Thanksgiving at my parents house and a shopping marathon, but then on Friday morning Cohen was complaining about his ear again and the pain was so bad he vomited from that...so.... back to the Dr. we went.  Then to top the week off Chad finally caught the noravirus by Saturday.  So in case you missed all of that we were all sick (it sucked and I missed 3 days of work.)  I hate to jinx it but we all seem healthy (except colds) today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Someone got crafty...

Very excited to mark something off my to-do list this weekend.  Thanks to my wonderful friend Bobby, we were able to make all the b-day invites for Killian's friend party and the little treat boxes (that we will fill later with M&M's).  Aren't they cute???
Sorry it's sideways (it isn't saved that way on my computer but for some reason it doesn't want to be the other way:(  Bummer!!!  But you still get the idea right?)

Tooth Picture

It is very difficult to get pictures of one tooth or lack there of...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wish me luck...

I am bringing back the "golden days" I will be doing a kick line at the PJHS Boys Basketball game tonight for the poms fundraiser... god grant me strength (or more necessary, flexibility):)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't forget Cohen...

I can't forget to tell you some Cohen cuteness as well... here are some fun things Cohen is doing now (and some not so cute things so you remember his wacky personality!)
  • likes to "get crazy"
  • asks if he can build potato heads, and then RUNS to the front room to start building
  • can hum ALL of star wars (imperial march), can sing Eminem "Not Afraid" chorus, and now is working up to "Jingle Bells"
  • will "shhush" you when he is "teaching" or "reading" to you
  • counted to 24 at church (and then continued counting and talking when the service started:))
  • realizes that when people laugh at him he should just keep doing the same thing over and over, and over, and over.....


At what point did my excitement for school wear off?  I have always made it a point to call going to work, going to school, on purpose, because if you like your job it shouldn't feel like work, but I cannot tell a lie, this year has been a struggle for me, it feels like work!
But just as I needed a little reminder... there is my blessing... Killian came home from school yesterday so excited, they started a new unit and it is going to be SO COOL.  They learned all about the Canadian-Americans (mis-heard by Killian, really Native Americans) and he gets to learn about them and in the end they get to make their costumes and have a feast.  He is thrilled that he will get to be a "canative" (pronounced k-nay-tiv) with his friends!  I think after talking it through last night we convinced him that it is really Native Americans, but we are still happy to see his enthusiasm for school:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Killian finally wiggled out that loose tooth!!!  It has literally been loose since August... Pics to come soon:)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Killian Cute-ness

Last night to Chad:
"Daddy, I love it when you hug me when I am cold, you warm me up inside."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wanna Win Cool Stuff?

I do, so I am posting a link to a cool Mommy blog I like to read: Inspired to Action
This blog does a weekly drawing that they like to call Motivation Monday, this week the prize is SWEET!!!  It is a gift certificate for some Lisa Leonard Design  jewelry.  This link takes you directly to one of the things on my wish list (yes, I have a wish list on that site:)  If you read in the comments from today's post you will see how I took action!!!

Two clicks

In two clicks you can help my blogger mommy friend Annalea win a great big prize!!!  Think of the time it took you to read that sentence, you could have already done two clicks...  Hmmm...  I think you can help her out, she recently entered a design contest by submitting photos of Casa Hart.  If you vote for Annalea's Sunny (wonderfully decorated space) she could win a trip with her hubby to NYC.  Now just think, would I give two clicks to you?  Vote here: Annalea's Sunny Room