Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reverberation Vinyl

As I type this my dear friends John and Heather are on the verge of opening a new business here in Bloomington.  Heather has been one of my most dear friends ever since junior high (proof positive of the "selling speech" I give my students on how the friends they meet in orchestra are the friends they will have for life!)  I guess you can say John just inherited me or I him, either way Heather has been in my life for *cough* at least 20 years... YIKES!  We have literally been through so much together it is crazy... I know everyone has friends like this, but I feel very fortunate to have a friend that has been so loyal for so long....  I am writing this blog post to feature John, who is braver than most people I know.  When his former employer decided to restructure their programs and employees John took a giant leap of faith a decided to be a house husband and figure out his business plan.  John has been "collecting" albums for years and really is quite the music connoisseur... he has now taken this hobby and made it into a business.  He started out online (which he will continue) but after building a little nest egg and having some connections on a location he is opening a real life store front in Bloomington.  Here is the logo for Reverberation Vinyl
So now here is my plea... go for a visit, if you are local, please stop in, John plans to be open TOMORROW, and will be open Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The address is 1302 N. Main Bloomington, it is near IWU and Mugsy's if you are a landmark kind of person.  They are planning a big "party" for a grand opening a little later but would love some foot traffic to get things rolling.  The link above is to their facebook page and you can also follow them on Twitter.  If you have collections to sell John might be interested in those too.... Stop in, check it out and spread the word. 
And John if you are reading this, Congrats Man!!!  I can't wait to come see your finished place!!! ~Luv ya

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