Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cohen & Daddy

Cohen sooooo has his Daddy figured out.  Cohen has decided that he wants to get up a little earlier each morning (personally I think that it is so he can see the Mama before she goes to work:)) and in turn needs to wake up Daddy.  It seems every morning between 530-6 a.m. Cohen starts to wake up, throws his blanket over the crib rail, says a loud "Oh no" then immediately starts with a non-stopping "Daddy, Dada, Daddy, Dada, Daaaddddyyyyy....." until Daddy finals comes to get him out of the crib and put him in the Mommy & Daddy bed.  At which point thumb goes back in mouth, blanket by face and someboy is a very very happy baby:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marriage Built to Last ... Completed

Well, Chad and I officially made it through our first Sunday school as a couple and didn't get kicked out:)  We did have to miss one class, but that was because of all the sickness in our house (only Chad was healthy.)  Would you believe by the end of the class, Valentine's Day, that we were actually getting to church on time AND had enough time to stop at Starbucks for a hot chocolate!!!!!
The last class talked a bit about being intimate and the different ways that we are intimate, deep deep thoughts.  Chad and I agree that taking this class together has been absolutely WONDERFUL!  We wish we had done it sooner.  So for all you doubters, definately take a class together, it is almost like have a little date. ~ Kimberly

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the mend...

Just in case you are wondering, we are all slowly on the mend at the Boyd house.  Chad somehow avoided the antibiotics and was our hero in the last couple of weeks.  Now if I could just get some more sleep I would feel excellent!!! (and probably Chad too because I would be less crabby.....)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sickness... Boo

So, last night I drug myself on over to prompt care for the second time this month, ugh...
I continue to struggle with a terrible sinus infection (which makes me feel like I am either going to fall down or yack, either a bad option.)  This time they decided to go all out and put me on a 10-day antibiotic, thank goodness, the Z-pack did nothing for me the last time.
Now both boys and I are on antibiotics (Killian had strep last week and Cohen and I have the matching sinus infections.)  Luckily they do not share my allergy to penicillin, which give Dr. Weaver more of a chance to mix it up when they have to go on antibiotics.
Everyone should say a prayer for Chad, not only is he a saint taking care of us all but he also has managed to stay semi healthy (other than a sore back that won't go away, and no I don't mean me, that pain is much lower!)