Monday, August 31, 2009

Cohen 14 Months

Wow; we are back in school and time is flying by again.

So here is the latest on Cohen Wyler:

10 teeth (two being molars)

Walking (trying to run)

Out eating his brother at nearly every meal

Words: Daddy, Doggie, Mama, Dada K or key-n (for Killian) Mmma (Emma,) EE (Nyny,) kitty, birdie, no, no, no, no, no, Hi, Bye, Nite (well a version of it,) biiiite, aggie (Maggie, Dece's dog,) uck and lots of babbling

He loves going outside now that he can walk, loves being at home and seems to like football; Daddy is very proud.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

hard to believe...

As I sit here doing homework; ok and blogging; I keep checking my calendar over and over and over again. Would you believe that today there is absolutely nothing on my calendar? Mark it down in history; August 29th, 2009 Kimberly Martin-Boyd had nobody to report to and nowhere to be... Ahhhh......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Accepting Donations...

Just an FYI we will be accepting donations to the Cohen Boyd Childcare fund!

Our sitter Sara, has decided that she needs to have more time with her own children so we are on the search for new childcare. It would be much easier if we had more time and or a better schedule. This situation is complicated by the fact that right now Killian and Cohen do not go to the same place and Killian is going to two sitters, plus preschool, each week. The coordination of it all is a nightmare.
Chad and I took a bit of time this morning to go visit the new daycare center right near our home, Katie's Kids. It is brand new, seems very clean, family friendly and has great hours. Unfortunately it also has a great big price tag... So we will definitely have to discuss all of this further before we make a decision about what to do!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Corn Fest

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have some much needed family time. Don't get me wrong I still had to do some work, starting my day with a difficult homework assignment, self-reflection on responsibility and authenticity, much harder than I anticipated. Let's just say I now know why I am so stressed out all the time.
Then we packed up and headed down to the Normal Corn Festival (in uptown, formerly know as downtown Normal.) Nyny came in and joined in the excitement. Unfortunately every other person in Bloomington-Normal had the same idea as us and it was PACKED! Who knew corn on the cob was such a draw? We didn't even get any corn because the line was SO long. We decided instead to move on to CornDogs (get it corn-dogs, hahaha) and get un-cooked corn to just take home and cook up later. Yeah, well that plan backfired as well they completely sold out.
After that excursion I headed to Sam's and Kroger (bought some corn!) and came home, for the first almost all week we were able to sit down as a family at home and have a meal, that was great!
Finally Chad and I ended the night with a date to go see District 9; as we sat down I quickly discovered I was a good wife as there were only about 3 women in the entire theater and Chad and I discovered we couldn't even remember the last movie we saw together in the theater. Unfortunately once you have kids you can usually afford the movie or the sitter, not both, so usually we go separately to movies. Oh well... it was good anyway.
Today we are able to have a little more family time but have some lessons to teach and reading to do for homework as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rough Day

So yesterday was a rough day. It start ok, arriving at school almost on time, getting work done, etc. But quickly went down hill.
When I left PJ to travel to West to delvier things for recruitment I found out that I had a flat tire. That conviently none of my co-workers could help with or allow their students to help with, grrr... so I had to call in Chad. Luckily it made him feel useful and he was glad to help, THANK YOU!
Then as I was really behind schedule and rushing around school I totally bit the dust and fell down in the middle of the cafeteria! Wonderful! Some lovely 8th grade boys did come over and make sure that I was "alive." But I just fought back the tears, trying not to let on how hurt I actually was.
Of course then I couldn't rest as we had recruitment all night, wonderful. I ended up home well after 9 p.m. with a swollen knee and bruised up back, great!
Welcome back to school Mrs. Boyd!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Start of school...

Well, it is here, there is no more delaying the inevitable. We had our first half day with students yesterday, first full day is today. I told my 8th graders I missed them for about 30 seconds, then they started talking. Really though, I did kind of miss them. There is something to say about a normal routine. (If you can say that a music teacher has a "normal" routine.) The other nice thing is since I do teach the same students for up to 8 years it is fun to watch them grow up, emotionally and physically, some of them grew inches literally!
Unfortunately there is no easing into school for us. The new schedules require me to be at school at about 7 a.m. which is early! Then this week we are doing instrumental recruitment at not and I will not return home until 10 p.m. at the earliest, so I might not see my boys again until Saturday. I guess this is the price I pay for a few days off here and there!
Better get to work.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Killian...

So glad that Killian is with our nieghbor, Erin today. She emailed me a little while ago stating her favorite Killian quote of day: "Remember in Tommy Boy where they ran over the beer and cried?"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chad vs. Kimberly

So the other night I was laying in bed tossing and turning and Chad being the sweet man that he is was like, What's wrong with you? Well then I started listing off all the three thousand things that go through my head as I try to sleep at night, you know how that goes. I should have done more laundry today... I wish I would clean our bathroom it is disgusting... I don't think I played enough with Killian today... What should we have for dinner tomorrow night... I wish I could cook better... Is Cohen going to be behind on everything, he walked 2 whole months later than Killian... and on and on and on.. So I start telling Chad all this and say to him, what do you think about when you lay here? He responded not much, but I did think about how good that toast was I had at lunch yesterday. REALLY???? UGH!!!! This does not help.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

LeRoy Fall Festival

So today in a little town called LeRoy there was a bandstand which held a hot steamy afternoon concert. We went. Why? This concert was a tribute to my Uncle Roy who passed away this last year. His band Roy Satterfeal and the Horizons; now just The Horizons, played a concert in the park in LeRoy for their Fall Festival. It was a nice concert and Killian enjoyed the freebies (note the scary face painting) and the rides of course.
It does put things into perspective though. When I was little I remember going with my mom to LeRoy (she was from there) all the time, visiting this Aunt or another; watching them play card for HOURS, bowling, hangin' out and of course going to the fall festival. My Uncle Roy has probably had this band since before I was born and I really until I was an adult thought that is what he did. Like for a job. I later found out he had other various jobs, but he did many service things too; like serve as Fall Festival President (hence the memorial today,) and serve on a board for the country music association (thank you Uncle Roy for throwing you weight around when I needed a college music scholarship, who knew those country musicians liked cellists!)
The sad part is watching my mom (although she can be crabby about things, she still loves her family!) lose her brothers and sisters. Most have died from cancer (very scary) and she always does a count down when one passes away. this might seem odd but this makes me want to have about 20 kids. I don't want my kids to be alone, I don't want them to only have one to count down, how sad right! This is why I thank God for Cohen so that Killian now has someone when we are gone.
We did see some family today and hear a nice little concert; it is just sad losing those you care about. I am sure Uncle Roy was proud today as they celebrated his life. No if only he can send someone a message to let them know "Hey LeRoy, it is not FALL! HELLO!!!!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tooth Tally

In case you were wondering we are up to 9 teeth for Cohen now. One of those is a molar!!! Watch out world!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Listening through the monitor

As I lay in bed this morning I heard the following thru the monitor (that is in Cohen's room, Chad was in there getting Cohen up.)
Chad: "How was your ni-nite?"
Killian: "Don't know, still having it."
Chad: "Then why are you standing up?"
Killian: no response......

Random Thoughts by Killian M. Boyd

Where does wood come from?
Where does icing come from?
How do they make paper?
Why isn't white in the rainbow? (then in response to Chad's lengthy discussion of white isn't a color... Then how do you make pink?)
Mom tell me everything you know about cars?
How do you make trees?
Why does the sun have to shine through windows?
What does the top of the car look like when we are driving?

Among others.. hoping Chad chimes in here, he makes us laugh so hard!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Curious Case of Crabby Cohen...

Well, while we were on vacation Cohen was REALLY crabby, tired and had a low grade temp. We attributed the fever to teething and the crabby to his dislike of the water. (A side note is that he fell asleep on both the lazy river and the wave pool.) Well, the fever broke before we returned from Wisconsin, but when we woke up the first morning back home he had little red dots all over his face and chest. Turns out he had roseola, bummer... So... we are tired, he doesn't want to eat, play or do much of anything other than be held. Here is an article about it, don't be scared, it sounds worse than it was for us:

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Killian says that he would like to be an Alien for Halloween. I immediately asked if Cohen could be an alien as well (gotta keep a theme here,) and he said "Yeah, he looks like one and he has a huge head!" Oh poor Cohen... Momma loves your LITTLE head:)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cohen 13 months

Well I am a few days late on this post, but considering the size of the project I am turning in today before my final in public relations I think you might all give me some slack on this!

Cohen's List:
7 1/2 teeth (yes, 1/2 for some reason he is being punished with the early arrival of a molar:( not good!)

Can walk, refuses to actually do it

Expanding vocabulary: a version of Killian, no-no-no, dada, momma, bye-bye, e-e (for Ny-Ny,) Mma (Emma,) up, ide (which I think means outside,) and geeet dada

On the food front he currently can out eat his brother, he eats everything!

And here's the big one, no more bottle

His birthday party seems so long ago, although it really wasn't, since I am a slacker I will try to post pics from the party today!

Two Sleeps...

Two more sleeps and couting...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 sleeps...

Only 3 sleeps until vacation, we are pumped! We all need a get away and some family time. This will be Cohen's first vacation and first time in a hotel, so those of you with children know we need you to send us positive thoughts. Hoping he does better than Killian did! Killian is so pumped to go on vacation it isn't even funny. Check out our destination:

Killian Quote

Chad caught this great one last night:
"Cohen is ruining my day..... Sweet...."