Monday, February 28, 2011

Shower Banner

Here is a sneak peak at some decorations for Ruthie's Baby Shower:)

Free Paint!!!

Want a free paint sample?  I just ordered mine from the Vaspar website; follow this link to get your free sample AND a $5 coupon:)  I just ordered the same exact color that I already bought for the boys play room (blue sail) but thought it would help for "touch-ups" since it is a PLAY room.  I am not gonna turn down free paint... oh, if you don't get it today try back, I tried last week but was too late in the day, but today I hit the jackpot.  YEAH ME!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crafty... so there....

Not the best picture to capture my happiness with this little project:)
So there all you haters... Just kidding... My blog obsession is really helping my house (and my shopping with the freebies and coupons.)  Today I broke into my niece's house (well, is it really breaking in if you have a key?) while she was out shopping.  I had her crafty heaven of a basement all to myself and got to work with the Cricut.  The project above is my version of Annalea's Love Letter Banners hers are very inspirational and just make her house look like a home, so I thought I needed one:)  This is hanging in my kitchen, I made it for me and two more for gifting (just using the three sheets of scrapbook paper and cutting the entire word out of each one then "trading" them to get a mix in each banner.)  The yarn is from the clearance bin at Big Lots so the entire project cost less than fifty cents each... and isn't it soooo cute!!!!!
While I was there I also cut out letters for the boys new playroom that is being built and then letters/shapes for my friend Ruthie's baby shower that I am hosting on March 12th.  Maybe you remember my post on making her invitations.  Anyway, enough blogging, have to go kill my arms some more and finish priming the concrete walls in the basement.  Til' next time ~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Progress 2

  • Carpet is picked out
  • Carpet layer has been contacted
  • Drywall is sanded and ready to paint
  • Primer on 1 wall (decided this was the best idea on the foundation before painted)
  • Dust and gunk vacuumed up
  • Paint picked out and bought
This is so exciting, I just wish I had more energy right now so I could do more work!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A present for my husband....

Don't be scared, this is a totally cooolll transformation in our house.  You all know you have that one (or if you are the Boyd Family 1,000) drawer(s) or cabinet(s) that are TOTALLY scary.  One of our many disaster areas is the cabinet near the sink that has the spices and all the medicine in it.  My friend Erin introduced me to a new blog and of course I stalk, I mean follow, it regularly.  So I saw this post on organization and was inspired.  Chad swears ever time he opens this cabinet so I followed Miss Kate's lead and did a little organization makeover.... Here are the results.......

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dear Person I will never meet;
Every morning as I drive to school I see your car, a very nice well-kept car.  I cannot see you for the distance is too great, I do not know if you are a man or a woman, but I know that you come everyday at the same time to the same place.  It is your routine (as driving to school is mine,) and it is your life.  In my heart I have a special place for you.  I hope that you are there to remember, not to continually mourn and/or weep.  I hope that you have lived a good life, and that the person you visit did not have to suffer.  It is my hope that this person you visit can see/feel your love as you visit them everyday.  My mind wanders as I try to think who you may be visiting, is it a mother, a father, your spouse, your friend or heaven forbid your child?  I cannot imagine your thoughts or feelings.  I just hope that somebody loves me as much as you have loved them.  So although we will never meet I want you to know you have an impact on me.  I hope I have/will love the way that you have loved.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Think positive thoughts....

Tomorrow is solo and ensemble for my junior high kiddos, please think positive thoughts that they will perform well and that I will hold up.  I have been sick and I am exhausted, but I think we will all make it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



We are making progress on our basement toy room project thanks to my brother Larry, so far he has really done all the work and we have just provided the finances, trust me I am not complaining...  Here is a look at where we are now, and yes, I realize this is WAY less exciting to all of you, but this is what is going on in our life!
Hard to really tell but the far left is darker grey, middle is brown and the right is a light blue-grey color.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So excited....

So if you couldn't tell from my previous post, I am more than excited about the fact that we are FINALLY getting a play room in our basement.  The boys need a space and momma NEEDS her music room (front room/formal living room) back.  My brother Larry has been working away, isn't that a nice thing for a brother to do, and we now have drywall under the stairs on one side and a wall.  Which is creating a nice barricade between the future play space and the furnace and hot water heater.... More pictures to come as the project progresses!

Before - Boring Basement

 Notice the placement of the water heater and furnace, behind the treadmill, lovely decorating.....
 This may be my favorite picture as it shows the crazy amount of "stuff" we have collected in the background!
And then the first step in an exciting journey, the space is cleared and there are boards and drywall in the basement, ready to be used... woohooooo.............

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Late is better than never right?  This past Sunday at church Pastor Camilla gave a sermon on worrying.  I know this sounds interesting, but I am not gonna lie, when I first saw it in the bulletin I thought, wow, I know that she likes football, but really do we need an entire sermon on worrying about the stinkin' Superbowl?
Well that was definitely not where she was going with this, but I once again had the feeling that Chad had put in a request for this sermon for me.  I am sure you have had that feeling before (I have even blogged about it before) that the speaker is speaking directly to you.  This was another one of those days, and as if I didn't already feel it Chad gave me a couple swift jabs in the side to say "hey you, this is for you."  If you want to hear what Pastor Camilla did have to say you can listen/download HERE through our church's website.
I am a worrier, I classify myself as that person and so do most people who know me.  I worry that everything will go wrong, it is not a great character trait by any means, but I do it anyway.  This verse from the bible tries to put it into perspective for us.  I have pondered this sermon and pondered worrying (I know, a little ironic right?) and in my thoughts (and time avoiding listening to playing tests) I found this site, I really really really like it!!!!
4 Reasons Not to Worry

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Killian Performance

This video is from the Sonshiners choir final dress rehearsal before their performance today at church!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on Stats

Ok, I am VERY behind, don't act surprised, you know how I work, I operate a little behind, but when I am motivated WATCH OUT!  I have been cleaning while snowed in and found the stat sheets for the boys from their last appointment (on Dec. 29th, 2010) here is what you get:

Cohen: 2.5 years old
Height: 35 and 3/8 inches (75%)
Weight: 28 lbs. (50%)
BMI: 15.8

Killian: 6 years old
Height: 45 and 1/8 inches (50%)
Weight: 42.8 lbs. (50%)
BMI: 14.58

Healthy, happy little boys = Happy Parents:)

Being productive...

I will say that I haven't been a complete lazy bum on these days off, today I actually showered AND put on real clothes, I know, you are impressed right?  Three snow days is crazy, but I have really loved it, I needed some time.
Yesterday despite having to "make time" to play in the snow (wink, wink) we were also productive in the fact that Killian was focused enough to sit down and write all his Valentines himself.  (And they were even legible, we are definitely making progress with handwriting, thank you Mrs. Kauten.)  Today we continued getting prepared and made his Valentine's party mailbox.  Instructions were to cover a shoe box and decorate, making sure your name was on it.  Here is the final result!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ready to play... Snow Storm 2011

Here are my VERY handsome boys ready to go out and play in the snow.  This is also a great picture for seeing how many teeth Killian is missing:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Someone got crafty again....

Oh yeah, it was my friend Bobbie Dobill and I:)  Aren't these SO cute!!!!  They are for my friend Ruthie's baby shower, the party info is on the back in brown ink on a white label.