Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playroom Complete....

Very excited to say that now the playroom is COMPLETE!  The toys have relocated to the basement and the momma is already feelin' at ease with the amount of space in the front room.  It is a cozy, crazy boy space downstairs and I am VERY happy with it!!!  Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially my brother, Larry.  I definitely owe him dinner for building a wall, hanging a light fixture and adding trim to the basement.

A baby gate and a curtain (thanks Amber) block off the "not used" side of the basement.

See even the grill is happy to be in the basement!

Reusing old furniture YEAH!


  1. I'm glad I didn't get asked to help relocate all those Mr. Potato head parts to the basement! Looks good with the trim, etc.

  2. Even the mankitchen is happy. Looks great~And @ Dana so is this Maw Maw. LOL
    Also excited Kimberly, there was a link to you from a blog I was just reading, kinda exciting to see your Grandsons Clubhouse sign to link to.