Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Skinner's Shower

Cakes by Missy Baker!
 Well, after what seems like months of preparation today was Ruthie's shower.  We had the shower at our church in the garden room, it is such a nice space with great windows and all the right furniture.  It was a bit tight with over 40 people in attendance, but was perfect for this event.
For the shower we had a nice buffet of food to start off the day, here are some pictures for you!

While we ate and after we did a few activities, one was to have guests address thank you card envelopes, another to write advice to Ruthie and Chad (so when they have a bad day they remember why on earth they did this, meaning have a baby!,) and then a game like activity with Easter eggs (baby skinner is due 1 day before Easter.)  The Egg activity was this; come up with questions for the guests to answer about guest of honor, cut them into strips, put them inside plastic eggs (thank you to my Chad for filling the eggs.)  Then put them in a basket, pass basket around and each guest takes an egg, they introduce themselves and then answer the question.  I decided to take a different route with "prizes" and "favors."  Instead of buying prizes for traditional games or giving each guest a favor a donation will be made to the Babyfold a local agency.  Here is the card I put at each guest's seat instead of a favor.
It was a great shower, they received many great gifts, including LOTS of pink... I love pink... that was a really fun part.  Instead of centerpieces and big fancy decorations I kept it homemade and inexpensive.  Each table had a cake (made by my friend Missy Baker) one is pictured at the top of this post and here is another one!

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