Monday, July 12, 2010

Slip n Slide

America's summer pastime:)  Notice Killian looks a little more graceful than December!  I have video of Chad and Jeremy somewhere, I just have to figure out how to load it!!!!!

4th of July!!!

One of my favorite holidays of the year:)  We started out in Towanda at the Parade, then home for lunch/rest, then out to Ny Ny & Pa Pa's house to swim in the pond and run all over their land on all sorts of toys... then grilled out there with fam and friends, then fireworks from Lake Bloomington, great day!

Killian, Cohen and Gage @ Towanda Parade

Me and My Court:)  So glad she was home for a few days!

Cohen and Papa riding around on golf cart (see the resemblance?)

Cohen and Killian in the Go Kart

Erin & I (don't mind my pond hair!)

Ny Ny and Cohen ready for Fireworks!

YEAH!!!  Happy Birthday America & Happy Day I came home from the hospital:)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Alexander's yummy... we took over the restaurant... you will notice by the sheer number of children!
Dana & I
Heather & John Anderson                                                       Heidi & I
Amber & I
A bunch of random kids, hehehe... Boyd, Funk, Frost, Weaver and Potts Babies:)

Summer Fun:)

We sure do love summer:)

32... man I'm old...

Well, it's official, I am old (just like Chad) I seriously had a moment a couple weeks ago when I didn't remember how old I was, now I know, and I am old:)

We celebrated my birthday together as a family by taking the day to head up to Shedd in Chicago, it was tons of fun!!!  The boys loved all of it, and Killian even told me that I had the best birthday party ever.  After the aquarium we made a pit stop at Portillos for dinner and a quick stop at IKEA!  
These are some pics from our day!!!