Friday, August 21, 2009

Rough Day

So yesterday was a rough day. It start ok, arriving at school almost on time, getting work done, etc. But quickly went down hill.
When I left PJ to travel to West to delvier things for recruitment I found out that I had a flat tire. That conviently none of my co-workers could help with or allow their students to help with, grrr... so I had to call in Chad. Luckily it made him feel useful and he was glad to help, THANK YOU!
Then as I was really behind schedule and rushing around school I totally bit the dust and fell down in the middle of the cafeteria! Wonderful! Some lovely 8th grade boys did come over and make sure that I was "alive." But I just fought back the tears, trying not to let on how hurt I actually was.
Of course then I couldn't rest as we had recruitment all night, wonderful. I ended up home well after 9 p.m. with a swollen knee and bruised up back, great!
Welcome back to school Mrs. Boyd!

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