Sunday, August 23, 2009

Corn Fest

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have some much needed family time. Don't get me wrong I still had to do some work, starting my day with a difficult homework assignment, self-reflection on responsibility and authenticity, much harder than I anticipated. Let's just say I now know why I am so stressed out all the time.
Then we packed up and headed down to the Normal Corn Festival (in uptown, formerly know as downtown Normal.) Nyny came in and joined in the excitement. Unfortunately every other person in Bloomington-Normal had the same idea as us and it was PACKED! Who knew corn on the cob was such a draw? We didn't even get any corn because the line was SO long. We decided instead to move on to CornDogs (get it corn-dogs, hahaha) and get un-cooked corn to just take home and cook up later. Yeah, well that plan backfired as well they completely sold out.
After that excursion I headed to Sam's and Kroger (bought some corn!) and came home, for the first almost all week we were able to sit down as a family at home and have a meal, that was great!
Finally Chad and I ended the night with a date to go see District 9; as we sat down I quickly discovered I was a good wife as there were only about 3 women in the entire theater and Chad and I discovered we couldn't even remember the last movie we saw together in the theater. Unfortunately once you have kids you can usually afford the movie or the sitter, not both, so usually we go separately to movies. Oh well... it was good anyway.
Today we are able to have a little more family time but have some lessons to teach and reading to do for homework as well.

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  1. Yay for separate movies! At least you don't have to agree on them that way. Although the last two we both saw (Star Trek and Harry Potter).