Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Accepting Donations...

Just an FYI we will be accepting donations to the Cohen Boyd Childcare fund!

Our sitter Sara, has decided that she needs to have more time with her own children so we are on the search for new childcare. It would be much easier if we had more time and or a better schedule. This situation is complicated by the fact that right now Killian and Cohen do not go to the same place and Killian is going to two sitters, plus preschool, each week. The coordination of it all is a nightmare.
Chad and I took a bit of time this morning to go visit the new daycare center right near our home, Katie's Kids. It is brand new, seems very clean, family friendly and has great hours. Unfortunately it also has a great big price tag... So we will definitely have to discuss all of this further before we make a decision about what to do!

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