Saturday, August 15, 2009

LeRoy Fall Festival

So today in a little town called LeRoy there was a bandstand which held a hot steamy afternoon concert. We went. Why? This concert was a tribute to my Uncle Roy who passed away this last year. His band Roy Satterfeal and the Horizons; now just The Horizons, played a concert in the park in LeRoy for their Fall Festival. It was a nice concert and Killian enjoyed the freebies (note the scary face painting) and the rides of course.
It does put things into perspective though. When I was little I remember going with my mom to LeRoy (she was from there) all the time, visiting this Aunt or another; watching them play card for HOURS, bowling, hangin' out and of course going to the fall festival. My Uncle Roy has probably had this band since before I was born and I really until I was an adult thought that is what he did. Like for a job. I later found out he had other various jobs, but he did many service things too; like serve as Fall Festival President (hence the memorial today,) and serve on a board for the country music association (thank you Uncle Roy for throwing you weight around when I needed a college music scholarship, who knew those country musicians liked cellists!)
The sad part is watching my mom (although she can be crabby about things, she still loves her family!) lose her brothers and sisters. Most have died from cancer (very scary) and she always does a count down when one passes away. this might seem odd but this makes me want to have about 20 kids. I don't want my kids to be alone, I don't want them to only have one to count down, how sad right! This is why I thank God for Cohen so that Killian now has someone when we are gone.
We did see some family today and hear a nice little concert; it is just sad losing those you care about. I am sure Uncle Roy was proud today as they celebrated his life. No if only he can send someone a message to let them know "Hey LeRoy, it is not FALL! HELLO!!!!"

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  1. Made me teary eyed reading your post. I love having a brother and sister and I'm so glad my girls have each other.