Monday, August 3, 2009

Cohen 13 months

Well I am a few days late on this post, but considering the size of the project I am turning in today before my final in public relations I think you might all give me some slack on this!

Cohen's List:
7 1/2 teeth (yes, 1/2 for some reason he is being punished with the early arrival of a molar:( not good!)

Can walk, refuses to actually do it

Expanding vocabulary: a version of Killian, no-no-no, dada, momma, bye-bye, e-e (for Ny-Ny,) Mma (Emma,) up, ide (which I think means outside,) and geeet dada

On the food front he currently can out eat his brother, he eats everything!

And here's the big one, no more bottle

His birthday party seems so long ago, although it really wasn't, since I am a slacker I will try to post pics from the party today!

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