Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chad vs. Kimberly

So the other night I was laying in bed tossing and turning and Chad being the sweet man that he is was like, What's wrong with you? Well then I started listing off all the three thousand things that go through my head as I try to sleep at night, you know how that goes. I should have done more laundry today... I wish I would clean our bathroom it is disgusting... I don't think I played enough with Killian today... What should we have for dinner tomorrow night... I wish I could cook better... Is Cohen going to be behind on everything, he walked 2 whole months later than Killian... and on and on and on.. So I start telling Chad all this and say to him, what do you think about when you lay here? He responded not much, but I did think about how good that toast was I had at lunch yesterday. REALLY???? UGH!!!! This does not help.


  1. So cute. Mark doesn't even have time to think about anything before he starts snoring. Oh, and obviously I'm catching up on the blog here. Hence 2,000 comments at once.

  2. That's ok; I feel like nobody reads it so I love the comments:)