Friday, April 29, 2011


No this is not another post about a certain crazy person who proclaims he is "winning" all the time.... Instead I heard something today that just struck me.  Most of the time I drive around with either the radio off or low, but occasionally I will listen to music or podcasts (that Chad listened to and got me addicted to and now doesn't even listen to) like "The Parent Experiment" with Lynette Carolla (Adam Carolla's wife.)  Today I was catching up on old one's and heard this episode with poker player Annie Duke.  The thing that struck me was something I really needed today (it has been a rough work week) she says "Sometimes it is not about winning, if everyone wanted to win all the time people wouldn't be teachers and work so hard for crap pay."  Boy did she hit that nail on the head....  Anyway, it wasn't really about teaching, it was about parenting and teaching our children about decision making.  She was Celebrity Apprentice and was talking about choosing to recommend Melissa Rivers to be fired instead of Brandy who was a much stronger competitor.  Her point was that her quality of life was better with Brandy on her team then it was with Melissa, even though it would have been MUCH easier for her to "beat" Melissa to "win."  Sometimes we make choices because they are important to us personally and make our life better, not because they make us rich or are better for other people.

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