Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grandparents Day

I of course am a little very behind on blogging.  Here a couple pictures from Grandparents Day at Killian's School, Grove Elementary.  Killian has had a great year so far and is beginning to count down days until the end of the year with the alphabet, I can't believe that my little man is almost in first grade.  Tomorrow for "C" day they will "Check out first grade"  this year has gone SO fast!!!!  Chad and I feel very fortunate that we live near our families and both of our mom's aka NyNy and MawMaw were able to attend grandparents day with Killian.

NyNy & Killian
Killian & MawMaw

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  1. And, we both enjoyed Grandparents Day with Killian..and I know he enjoyed us both being there.