Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dear Person I will never meet;
Every morning as I drive to school I see your car, a very nice well-kept car.  I cannot see you for the distance is too great, I do not know if you are a man or a woman, but I know that you come everyday at the same time to the same place.  It is your routine (as driving to school is mine,) and it is your life.  In my heart I have a special place for you.  I hope that you are there to remember, not to continually mourn and/or weep.  I hope that you have lived a good life, and that the person you visit did not have to suffer.  It is my hope that this person you visit can see/feel your love as you visit them everyday.  My mind wanders as I try to think who you may be visiting, is it a mother, a father, your spouse, your friend or heaven forbid your child?  I cannot imagine your thoughts or feelings.  I just hope that somebody loves me as much as you have loved them.  So although we will never meet I want you to know you have an impact on me.  I hope I have/will love the way that you have loved.


  1. How can you not just stop one morning to give this person with a card full of the sweetness you just wrote? That would be wonderful! I'm assuming you are referring to a cemetary visitor you must pass on your way to work each day? So sweet..... Elisabeth