Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crafty... so there....

Not the best picture to capture my happiness with this little project:)
So there all you haters... Just kidding... My blog obsession is really helping my house (and my shopping with the freebies and coupons.)  Today I broke into my niece's house (well, is it really breaking in if you have a key?) while she was out shopping.  I had her crafty heaven of a basement all to myself and got to work with the Cricut.  The project above is my version of Annalea's Love Letter Banners hers are very inspirational and just make her house look like a home, so I thought I needed one:)  This is hanging in my kitchen, I made it for me and two more for gifting (just using the three sheets of scrapbook paper and cutting the entire word out of each one then "trading" them to get a mix in each banner.)  The yarn is from the clearance bin at Big Lots so the entire project cost less than fifty cents each... and isn't it soooo cute!!!!!
While I was there I also cut out letters for the boys new playroom that is being built and then letters/shapes for my friend Ruthie's baby shower that I am hosting on March 12th.  Maybe you remember my post on making her invitations.  Anyway, enough blogging, have to go kill my arms some more and finish priming the concrete walls in the basement.  Til' next time ~


  1. Good work today! I'm proud of you! ~ Amber

  2. Very nice, this is how it begins my friend.