Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being productive...

I will say that I haven't been a complete lazy bum on these days off, today I actually showered AND put on real clothes, I know, you are impressed right?  Three snow days is crazy, but I have really loved it, I needed some time.
Yesterday despite having to "make time" to play in the snow (wink, wink) we were also productive in the fact that Killian was focused enough to sit down and write all his Valentines himself.  (And they were even legible, we are definitely making progress with handwriting, thank you Mrs. Kauten.)  Today we continued getting prepared and made his Valentine's party mailbox.  Instructions were to cover a shoe box and decorate, making sure your name was on it.  Here is the final result!!!

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  1. I used to LOVE Valentine's Day. I was heartbroken that two years in a row I was sick at home (once with hives, once with chicken pox). Killian's box is darling and his missing teeth are awesome! (Thank goodness that happens to kids and not adults -- think what a nightmare it would be to be missing our front four teeth!)