Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swim Lessons (take 207)

Just kidding, but this isn't Killian's first round of swimming lessons.  Great news, he LOVES the water, bad news, he is absolutely fearless where water is concerned.
This session is through the ISU Swimming & Diving Team, a fundraiser of sorts for them, so it is at Horton.  He will take lessons every Sunday evening.  Really great to get him back into the swing of things before swim season really hits us, because this year I am going to have my hands full with Cohen so crazy.
So highlight for me; listening to him complain how they make him do stuff that is tooooo easy for his level, "kabobs," known to the rest of the world as "bobs."  When I tried to correct him he told me that Bob was a name, not a swimming "extrasize." Also a strange thing for me being at that pool as the mom, and not at a practice or swim meet.
Highlight for Killian, "Mom, did you see my favorite part?  It was hilarious, I pretended and made my teacher think I was drowning."  (Sweet, just what every mom wants to hear!)

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