Sunday, March 14, 2010

Killian meets Dr. Tallis

A couple year's ago I asked my optometrist when Killian needed to come in for a check-up.  He said sometime before kindergarten but with Chad and my eyesight it wasn't a matter of if he would need glasses, it was when.  So, last week we made it in for Killian to see Dr. Tallis.  He was very excited to go to a "big person" doctor, since Nyny, Papa, Mommy and Daddy ALL go to him.  He did great with his numbers and letters and loved the experience.  He has  wanted to go back everyday since then.  Results were he has astigmatism in his left eye and is near-sighted in both eyes, luckily he thinks we can hold off a little longer on glasses.

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  1. I am right there with you on this post. We just took Kaylee for her first eye appointment, and as with you we were wondering when we were going to have to get her glasses too because of our eye sight. She has astigmatism in her left eye and is far sighted. She did get glasses and I have to say she has done very well with them!