Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Wii Fit....

Today I love you, no really I do.  Due to the crappy rain (boo rain) I need to come up with another plan for exercise, since I will be honest, I am quite the fair weather runner!!!  I don't like it to begin with so running in the rain today did not sound the least bit appealing.
So... plan B became use the Wii Fit, we haven't used it nearly enough lately, especially for "real" exercise versus the games that it allows you to do.  So I hoped on and was pleasantly surprised.  First let me say if you haven't ever used the Wii Fit it has quite the personality.  Since I hadn't used it in quite awhile it pretended to not "recognize" me and call me a different name and let me know it thought I had forgot about it.  Anyway, once it "remembered" me I started my body test (where they do a balance test, weigh and give you your BMI.)  Here is the pleasant surprise; since my last time using Wii Fit I lost nearly 25 lbs.  WOW!!!!  It praised me and told me to keep up the good work, that is really what I needed today.  So Wii Fit, thank you, I will now not sell you or throw you out;)

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  1. that totally makes me want one. sounds like fun. congrats on the weight loss!!!