Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to the ER

Well, many of you have already heard about this by now, but we made 1 and 1/2 trips to the ER this week. It started on Tuesday I think, with Killian face-planting into the sofa, causing his nose to puff up immediately and his eyes to turn black. We went to prompt care, they didn't take our insurance, great, back in the car. Killian's solution was "Just call Dr. Weaver, he will come over." After talking to Dr. Toohill who was on call, we decided to go home. Luckily the next day everything was pretty much back to normal. So that was the 1/2 trip.
Cohen was not so lucky... His trip was for real. On Thursday night after bath Chad was getting him ready for bed and he decided to take a dive off the bed, needless to say that didn't go so well and he hit his head on the nightstand. It was pretty ugly, a gash on the front with a bump/bruise and a big bump on the back. Not pretty, see pic... Again though we were lucky, no stitches or glue, just a million bandaids and instructions to wake him during the night. He is already looking much better. Poor boys... YIKES! Wish Chad luck as I leave him alone with the Dukes of Hazard for a week!


  1. aww, that is the sadest picture! i'm glad to hear it wasn't that serious.

  2. He is healing up pretty well... thank the lord!