Thursday, July 30, 2009

McLean County Fair

For Chad and I the McLean County Fair is a tradition. It is the technical beginning of our relationship, interesting, I know. Anyway, even though the fair grounds have moved since our first date in 1995; it is the thought that counts right?
Since we have had children we are trying to take them as well. The most interesting thing about this is how different Chad and I were growing up. I was a total 4-H girl, projects, day/night at the fair, a little country. He on the other hand is a city boy! It will be interesting to see if I can convince him that there is more to 4-H than sheep and pigs:) So that he will let the boys participate. I think a lot of my leadership skills and knowledge of running meetings came out of my 4-H experience and some of my best friends growing up (some of whom I still talk to) were in 4-H with me.
So... we did go to the fair yesterday, completely different experience as an adult with kids (when you have to foot the bill yourself,) versus when you are a carefree teenager, but the lemonade shake-ups still taste the same and the barns still have the same smell.
Killian's take on it was that although he couldn't see our house from the top of the Ferris wheel he could see Africa. Interesting, very interesting.

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