Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delta Omicron Triennial Conference

For those of you who do not know Delta Omicron is 100 years old this year! I am currently in Cincinnati (well, kind of Cincinnati, actually Erlanger, KY,) serving as Conference Co-Chair (again, only minus Molly, sad face.) I am also here as I continue to serve as Delta Province President.
I am hoping to get some pictures I can post from my trip, although I haven't actually got out of the hotel much and probably won't. I did ride along to downtown Cincinnati this afternoon and got to do the drive by of the Bengals/Reds Stadiums as well as a bit of the hood and the University of Cincinnait/CCM campus. I was hoping to see the "birthplace" of DO, but no luck the original building/plaque is not there anymore, but still it is a really beautiful campus, I only wish I had more time to take a tour or something.
Most of my pre-conference work is done and I am enjoying time in a private room, as well as finishing up "Stori Telling" by Tori Spelling, great summer read if you like her! Now I just have to wait for Mommywood in paperback or hit the library to read the follow up!
Hoping to post pics soon, missing my boys. ~KMB


  1. i LOVED sTori Telling! It felt like she was just chatting with you about her life!