Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carving pumpkins

This year's pumpkin carving took special meaning, this year Killian planted a pumpkin seed in our backyard, watch the vine grow, picked the pumpkin with Chad and then carved it tonight.  It was a very large pumpkin and with some creative carving sits flat and looks like a giant pumpkin:)  Cohen was SUPER excited to carve the pumpkins and very patient during the set up and cleaning out the pumpkin "guts" but not so thrilled (like his momma) to stick his hand inside the pumpkin.
This year we made it an event once again by inviting our friends John and Heather over to have dinner and join in the festivities.  John brought a big supply of his scary masks and Cohen wasn't such a fan of the masks, but loved having new people to play with and the candy that Heather brought for him!
Here is the showcase of our work:

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