Tuesday, November 9, 2010


At what point did my excitement for school wear off?  I have always made it a point to call going to work, going to school, on purpose, because if you like your job it shouldn't feel like work, but I cannot tell a lie, this year has been a struggle for me, it feels like work!
But just as I needed a little reminder... there is my blessing... Killian came home from school yesterday so excited, they started a new unit and it is going to be SO COOL.  They learned all about the Canadian-Americans (mis-heard by Killian, really Native Americans) and he gets to learn about them and in the end they get to make their costumes and have a feast.  He is thrilled that he will get to be a "canative" (pronounced k-nay-tiv) with his friends!  I think after talking it through last night we convinced him that it is really Native Americans, but we are still happy to see his enthusiasm for school:)

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