Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you think...

Do you think there was less guilt in parenting before the internet?
Chad took Killian in to the dentist this morning for his 6 month check.  Now you may remember from previous posts that Killian had two "Sugar Bugs" before that Dr. Hall already had to fix.  Today Killian was a rock star and behaved very well, even through 3 x-rays (which earned him an extra "prize" from the prize machine,) unfortunately his teeth did not cooperate so much:( 5 more cavities, yes, that's right I said 5!!!  Did I mention that we haven't even finished paying for the previous two fillings... ugh... so just when I think I am the worst mommy in the world, the internet is there to remind me that yes, this is truly my fault, check out this website which in the first q&a says no soft teeth are not the problem, is the genes and bacteria the mother's pass on to their children that dooms them before they even start brushing!!!  UGH... I would have still felt bad before reading this, but this definitely doesn't help.

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