Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dana Graduates!

This event has been a long time in the making.  
I really don't know where to begin, so here it goes, this is Dana:

Dana is older than I am (by a little bit, I am not going to tell you her age, in case there are strangers reading this,) as I get older I appreciate her more and more every year.  If you think I am organized you haven't seen anything, if you think I am driven, again, nothing.  Dana got married at a very young age to Gregory (also occasionally referred to as Bill, but that is a story for another day,) this is Greg:
A note to add here is that the last time Dana graduated was just a few years ago (well, more than a few, but again you aren't going to make me tell her age, she will YELL!)  Dana and Greg got married young with a baby on the way, the crazy kids that they were, baby #2 and baby #3 were very close behind.  Here are those babies now, Braden, Amber and December:
Aren't they cute?  These are my nieces and nephew (note: Braden and I are 17 months apart.)  After Dana graduated from high school her and Greg had babies to take care of and she has been working her tail off ever since to provide for them.  Luckily now they are grown and Dana and Greg get to do some fun stuff like vacation.  After all this child raising, house making and working Dana was finally able to take her future back into her own hands (knowing that her children are doing just dandy for themselves.)  Dana is one of the most organized and intelligent person I know, but she would NEVER put that spotlight on herself (she will probably crawl under a rock and hibernate after reading this post,) so there was no doubt in anyone's mind that she would be successful at anything and everything she does in life.  So back to school she went and she has been trudging along for quite awhile now taking classes here and there and  trying her hand in a little bit of everything.  Finally she found a cohort that was amazing and perfect for her through Greenville College; where she was able to attend classes in Bloomington with the same small group for several months to complete her degree in Organizational Leadership (no surprise there right?)  She has been done with classes since last summer, but she waited to walk until this year, why?  To wear her cords that designate that she graduated with honors!  Wow, now if that isn't motivational I don't know what is!  Here are some more pictures from that wonderful day. Congrats Big Sis - I am SO proud of you ~ Love, Kimberly


  1. I'm so proud of her! She has overcome a lot, she's perservered, and SHE DID IT! I'll totally agree about the organized stuff... I don't know how she does it all!

  2. Okay - so thanks for making me cry!

    Thanks for the kind post. If I was a blogger, I would write about me still being 2 degrees behind my younger sister!

    I don't mind if people know my age. When I told the gal that sat next to me at commencement that I was looking at my grandchildren, she said 'you don't look old enough to have grandchildren'. I think the gray hairs were hidden under my cap :)

  3. I cried too Donna :) Good work on the blog Mim!! VERY proud of you Donna-Lou !