Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sickness... Boo

So, last night I drug myself on over to prompt care for the second time this month, ugh...
I continue to struggle with a terrible sinus infection (which makes me feel like I am either going to fall down or yack, either a bad option.)  This time they decided to go all out and put me on a 10-day antibiotic, thank goodness, the Z-pack did nothing for me the last time.
Now both boys and I are on antibiotics (Killian had strep last week and Cohen and I have the matching sinus infections.)  Luckily they do not share my allergy to penicillin, which give Dr. Weaver more of a chance to mix it up when they have to go on antibiotics.
Everyone should say a prayer for Chad, not only is he a saint taking care of us all but he also has managed to stay semi healthy (other than a sore back that won't go away, and no I don't mean me, that pain is much lower!)

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