Thursday, January 21, 2010


Week 2 - Communication

This is all about how we communicate, what is your love language?  I think that is a book I will put on my I want to read it list for when I finish my master's degree this summer.  We all communicate differently, the important thing is to make sure you know what your partner needs and wants in communication.
We had a couple assignments this week, the first revolves around note cards.  Fill in the blanks, I feel _______; when you ____________.  You can just leave them for your spouse, this is non-verbal which equals non-confrontational.
The second is called the conference, you pick a topic and one person has the floor to speak, the other must sit and listen, but MUST NOT talk.  You state the problem, how you feel about it and what you think could happen to fix it.  The spouse does not respond, but may or may not choose to do something about it later.
Interesting thoughts....... Some of the video was uncomfortable because it actually is problems we have, but it is reassuring to know that other people have the same problems and lived to tell about it.:)

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