Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

They have finally brought back the $1 theater to B-N (thank the lord for us poor people) and I was able to go this weekend with my friend Erin.  We went to see Time Traveler's Wife (which I actually was seeing for the second time,) and I loved it.  It made me cry even the second time!!!  But that is beside the point, here is my point:

In the movie Henry, the lead male, is a time traveler.  When he travels he seems to be drawn back to significant times and/or places in his life.  This made me really think.  Where would I be drawn back to???
Here are some of the places/times I think I might travel to (in no special order):

~McLean County Fair Grounds (the old ones)
~the spillway @ Lake Bloomington
~going through IVF
~the day I picked up my RIF letter from Unit 5 (the same day as a friend's funeral)
~my wedding day
~college graduation
~being in labor with Killian

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