Monday, November 23, 2009

IMEA Festival

I think it is interesting looking back and starting to realize that I have been participating in the IMEA District III festival since about 1991; meaning we are getting close to 20 year that this has been a part of my life, WOW!!!  It has obviously changed my life for the better and I am glad now that I can share it with my co-workers and more importantly my students!  They did great, I had a record number of 11chosen to perform, so I am very happy with that, here are some pics from the day!
From top to bottom - Ruthie & I chillin' outside rehearsal; My two awesome violists (Daphne & Rebecca); PJHS Orchestra Reps for District III Jr. Orchestra; Unit 5 Staff (Missy, Ruthie, Diane, Chris & Myself)

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