Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have survived the biggest phase of recruitment.  One of the things I somehow got myself involved with is planning the recruitment for ALL the 5th graders in Unit 5.  I work on a team with two great colleagues which helps, but man is it alot of work!
It starts in the spring, contacting all the principals about visiting 4th grade classes to show them the options they have with all the different band and string instruments.  The we must make a packet for them to take him to learn about the process and it has the registration form for them to choose up to 4 instruments to "try."
Then over the summer we basically sit around and HAND schedule HUNDREDS of 5th graders for 4 mini lessons on their choice of 4 instruments.  They also have the option of two nights.  Let's just say that it is crazy!
Then the first week of school (this week) we have the "Instrument Exploration" where they come and try their choices.  Did I mention that every parent is given my email and phone number and that I get to be the bad guy and tell them when they want to change their mind a hundred times that it is NOT possible.  It makes me very popular.
Anyway, long story short (ha) we just finished the two nights with over 500 kids coming through trying 4 instruments each, you do the math, it was busy.  We will finish recruitment this week by going around to all 16 elementary schools to catch the kids who did not for whatever reason make it to the instrument exploration.  The week after that we begin lessons.  It is a great process, just mentally and physically exhausting!

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