Sunday, December 27, 2009

Killian's 5th Birthday

I am still behind, so here is a post on Killian!

On December 6th, my baby boy turned 5!  It is really how crazy how much faster the time seems to go when you have children.  There isn't a day that I am not thankful for the gift of my boys.  Here are some things about the birthday boy!!!
His favorite word continues to be "actually."
His favorite food seems to be Taco Bell or "prentzels" from the mall, with Sprite pop.
His favorite show is Fan Boy and Chum Chum (not mom's fav though...)
He continues to be a homebody; would prefer to stay in his pj's all the time and never leave.
He still has a promising career in stand-up since he learns new jokes everyday.... and....
He still has those gorgeous eyes!!!

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