Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cohen 10 months

Can you believe that Cohen is 10 months old already? It seems like only yesterday that Chad and I were making our first trip to Indy to meet Dr. Mac to see if we were good candidates for IVF. We feel very blessed to have this little man in our lives.

So here is the update on Cohen:
He is now very efficient with crawling (and by efficient I really mean fast!)
He wants to feed himself everything (making some meals challenging)
Using a sippy cups translates to a bath with clothes still on
Vocab consists of: Dada, Nama (momma, I think, hope...), Kkk (Killian), e-e (I think this is NyNy) and I think ara is Sara, of course there isn't much yet, but these are my guesses
He can pull himself up in the crib and my favorite is his cute wave Byebye

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